Elysium In Theaters Now!!

Our host Reina Royale is on the Red Carpet for the Premiere of Elysium Tonight. Tweet questions to @blacktreetv #ReinaAsk 

In the year 2154, two classes of people exist: the very wealthy, who live on a pristine man-made space station called Elysium, and the rest, who live on an overpopulated, ruined planet.  The people of Earth are desperate to escape the crime and poverty that is now rampant throughout the land.  The only man with the chance to bring equality to these worlds is Max (Matt Damon), an ordinary guy in desperate need to get to Elysium.  With his life hanging in the balance, he reluctantly takes on a dangerous mission – one that pits him against Elysium’s Secretary Delacourt (Jodie Foster) and her hard-line forces – but if he succeeds, he could save not only his own life, but millions of people on Earth as well

Below is a list of tonight’s red carpet confirmed arrivals

FROM THE FILM – Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, William Fichtner, Diego Luna, Alice

Braga, Sharlto Copley, Wagner Moura, Faran Tahir, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Maxwell Perry Cotton,

Brandon Auret, Emma Tremblay, Josh Blacker, Adrian Holmes, Jared Keeso, Neill Blomkamp

(Director & Writer), Bill Block (Producer), Simon Kinberg (Producer), Victoria Burkhart (Associate Producer)

INVITED GUESTS –Jaimie Alexander (Thor/Thor: The Dark World), Sasha Alexander (Rizzoli & Isles), Anthony Anderson (Guys with Kids), Steven Bauer (Ray Donovan/ Scarface), Chris Bosh (Miami Heat), Anderson Davis (“The Zesty Guy”), Kimberly Elise (VH-1’s Hit The Floor), Colin Ferguson (Eureka), Armie Hammer (The Lone Ranger/ The Social Network), Stana Katic (Castle), Nick Kroll (Kroll Show/ The League), Emily Osment (Family Guy/ Kiss Me), Scott Porter (The To Do List), Levin Rambin (Hunger Games), Jackson Rathbone (Twilight Saga), Perrey Reeves (Entourage), Charlotte Ross (VH-1’s Hit The Floor), Sherri Saum (The Fosters), Jeff Schroeder (Big Brother/ The Amazing Race), Judi Shekoni (Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part II), Derek Theler (Baby Daddy), Constance Zimmer (Grey’s Anatomy)

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