Jackie Robinson “42″ interview w/ Chad Boseman | Tinsel Talk

For this edition of Tinsel Talk, we sit down with Chad Boseman who stars as Jackie Robinsion in the new movie 42. Jamaal talks with Chad about some little known facts about Jackie and what challenges the actor faced in playing a role that required him to be called derogatory names on set. Check out this edition of Tinsel Talk on BlackTree TV.

CHADWICK BOSEMAN (Jackie Robinson) made his feature film debut in Gary Fleder’s 2008 drama “The Express,” playing football great Floyd Little. He more recently starred in the independent psychological post-war drama “The Kill Hole.”
A native of South Carolina, Boseman graduated from Howard University and also attended the prestigious British American Drama Academy at Oxford. He then began his career in the theatre as a playwright, director and actor.

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